Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar Specs and Review

Good quality musical instruments can also be environmentally friendly, and the Breedlove Rainforest S guitar is a great example. In this Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar review, I’ll list the details and benefits so you can decide if this is the right guitar for you.

The Rainforest S Series is among the new ECO Collection of Breedlove. These guitars are not just affordable but also symbolically echo the sounds in and around the Congo River. Breedlove crafted these guitars using the company’s EcoTonewood technology. They also use renewable African mahogany, bringing true environmental sustainability to their manufacturing processes.

If you are looking for a guitar that sounds just like a top-tier brand but costs a fraction of the price, the Breedlove Rainforest guitars might be the best choice for you. Read on to learn more about the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar and its most significant details.

About the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar

Breedlove Rainforest S

The Breedlove Rainforest S is a mid-level guitar from Breedlove. It retails for $549 and is available for several different finishes. This guitar only comes in one size, which is concert-size.

These guitars are made entirely from sustainably farmed African mahogany. The sides and back of the guitar body have three layers of mahogany ply. Meanwhile, the top utilizes solid mahogany for its construction.

Due to the guitar being concert-size and the peculiar qualities of the mahogany wood, the Rainforest S guitar has a distinct, softer, yet more rounded sound compared to other acoustic guitars.

Breedlove Rainforest S Comes in Four Beautiful Colors

  1. Papillon – Bright blue streaks reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings
  2. Black Gold – Gold flecks in the voids with a deep mahogany background
  3. Orchid – Bright purple flecks in the voids on a dark mahogany background
  4. Midnight Blue – Dark blue flecks on a dark mahogany background

Breedlove uses a special finish called “Stardust.” It is an eco-friendly product that changes the physical appearance of the mahogany but does not affect the way it sounds. This finish fills the voids with light tints and then covers the entire surface with a protective clear coat. This gives the Rainforest series guitars a distinctly beautiful finish.

Build Quality of the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar

Sustainably Farmed African Mahogany

The Breedlove Rainforest S guitars are built almost entirely from sustainably farmed African mahogany. The soundboard features 3-ply mahogany boards on the back and sides and solid mahogany on the front. The neck also makes use of solid mahogany with a soft C profile for a comfortable grip.

EcoTonewood Laminate Technology

The Breedlove Rainforest series uses EcoTonewood laminate technology. EcoTonewood replaces the usually cheap, soft center core of the wood laminate with real African mahogany. They used three layers of mahogany for their plywood.

According to Breedlove, this design provides different benefits, including giving the guitar more impactful midrange tones. It also makes laminate construction eco-friendlier and more sustainable.

Solid Mahogany Tonewood Tops

Aside from the EcoTonewood back and sides, the Rainforest S guitars have solid mahogany tonewood tops that provide excellent versatility. This solid wood top takes well to picking the strings and lively strumming without losing sound clarity. The top also provides ample sound projection and sustain.

Pinless Delta Bridges

The Rainforest S guitars also make use of pinless Delta bridges. This makes it easier to swap out strings if you need to. You only need to loosen the string and pull it out through the bridge. You do not have to deal with pins.

It is also unnecessary to hide the ends of the strings. Also, you do not have to worry about the pins popping out of the bridge if you tightened the strings too much.

In-house Breedlove Hardware

The tuners used are the in-house Breedlove hardware. It is made of copper and has copper buttons. These tuners are geared so that you can gradually tighten or loosen the strings for precise tuning. The tuners also effectively lock in place, allowing them to retain their tuning for a long time.

Sound Quality Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar

Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar

Concert Body Shape

The Rainforest S guitars all have the same Concert body shape. It is the shape that most players prefer not just because they are more comfortable to play but also because it sounds great. This body shape generates a clear tone range. The midrange tones are clear and crisp. Also, note that while the lower end is not that boomy, you can still feel it.

Fishman Presys I Side-mounted Preamps

All Rainforest S guitars come with Fishman Presys I side-mounted preamps. These electronics include an under-saddle transducer, a built-in tuner, and a phase-through to prevent feedback. You will have all the controls that you will need right there at the side for easier access.

Breedlove’s Proprietary EcoTonewood

These guitars use Breedlove’s proprietary EcoTonewood, a wood laminate that uses three layers of African mahogany. This is unlike other wood laminates wherein the middle layer is a “mystery wood,” which is usually a cheap softwood to cut costs. The EcoTonewood produces a more robust sound because they are essentially all hardwood.

Again, what does the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar offer? The new ECO Collection of Breedlove includes the Rainforest S Series. It’s affordable and mimics the sound around the Congo river. Also, it is crafted with the EcoTonewood technology and renewable African mahogany.

Pros of the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar

breedlove rainforest s guitar review

1. Made Almost Entirely of Sustainable Wood

Breedlove made sure that every wood material used for making their new ECO series of guitars is responsibly sourced from renewable resources. They went to the various tree farms in the Congo to select the wood they would use for their guitars.

Every mahogany used for all the ECO series is from new trees that came from farms. Breedlove does not use mahogany wood that came from trees that are hundreds of years old.

If you want a great-sounding guitar that also helps the environment, then you will love the Breedlove Rainforest series.

2. Affordable but Sounds Almost Like the More Expensive Brands

Retailing at just $549 each, it is safe to consider the Breedlove Rainforest series guitars as mid-range guitars as far as their prices are concerned. However, their sound quality can rival those of high-end guitars that cost several times more.

For the price, you are getting a great deal. Aside from letting you own a nice-sounding guitar, you also have the assurance of its quality. You will love the fact that you will receive a lovely one.

The dark mahogany wood, finished using Breedlove’s proprietary Stardust finish, makes these guitars more than worthy of being hanging on the walls of your music room.

3. Comes with Pinless Bridges

One small detail that I loved about these guitars is that they use pinless bridges. This means you do not have to deal with the traditional bridge pins that come with most guitars. This allows for quicker and easier string changes.

Moreover, if you want to change to nylon strings, they are much easier to install on pinless bridges. You only need to thread the string through the bridge and knot them in place.

Just pull strings out of the bridge and thread in the new ones through and into the tuners. Also, you do not need to worry about the bridge pins popping out if you tighten the strings too much.

4. Equipped with Breedlove’s Bridge Truss System

Although many guitars have their bridge truss systems, the one used by Breedlove in the Rainforest Series is much easier to adjust. If you do not know what the bridge truss is, it is a component installed inside the guitar’s body. It prevents it from deforming due to the tension of the strings.

The bridge truss in the Breedlove Rainforest S guitars is easier to access and adjust. You only need a regular screwdriver to tighten the dowel in the bridge truss.

Cons of the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar

Only Comes in One Body Shape

Although the Concert guitar shape is one of the most popular among players, many do want the lovely Rainforest S finishes in other body shapes.

Low Resale Value

Unfortunately, Breedlove is not quite as popular as the Big 3 guitar brands. The reason is that it adversely affects the resale value of the instrument. This will not be much of an issue if you intend to keep the guitar. However, if you are looking into making it an investment, you should get a more popular brand.

Is the Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar Right for You?

The thing about the Breedlove Rainforest S series guitars is that they are primarily made for environmentally conscious players. These guitars use sustainably farmed mahogany trees. That said, you have an assurance that you will not only be getting a good-sounding guitar but also reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, the Breedlove Rainforest guitars are priced reasonably. You are getting a hardwood guitar that sounds almost as well as other brands that cost more than twice what these guitars sell for. So, if you are on a tight budget but you still want a quality guitar, then the Breedlove Rainforest S guitars might be for you.

Conclusion – Breedlove Rainforest S Guitar Specs and Review

Breedlove’s Rainforest S Series is among the new ECO collection of eco-friendly guitars. These handcrafted instruments symbolically echo the sounds of nature surrounding the Congo River. These guitars are meticulously constructed using sustainable African mahogany. Breedlove brings true sustainability in its manufacturing processes.

In addition, these beautiful and great-sounding instruments are quite affordable. You will be getting high-end performance and sound at a mid-range price. This means that aside from you helping the environment, you are also helping your wallet.

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