Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar Specs and Review

If you are on the market for a feature-packed guitar that does not cost a ridiculously huge amount of money, then the Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar might be what you are looking for. In this Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar review, I’ll be listing the details and benefits so you can decide if this is the right electric guitar for you.

The Chapman ML1 Pro comes with beautiful, hand-carved Swamp Ash bodies and baked Maple or Macassar Ebony fingerboards. This guitar is perfect for fast playing with a C-profile Chapman neck, jumbo fret, and glow-in-the-dark side dots.

The Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar is an instrument for those who like to shred through the notes in a lightning-fast fashion. If you think you can handle this beast of a guitar, you might want to check it out.

Read on to learn more about the Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar and its most significant details.

About the Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar

Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar

Rob Chapman Decided to Manufacture Electric Guitars

Chapman Guitars first came to be in 2009 when YouTube personality, Rob Chapman, decided to manufacture electric guitars. Chapman was one of the first guitarists to make a name for himself on the video-sharing platform.

It all started from a limited run of electric guitars. It has grown into a respectable-sized company that always pushes the envelope for innovations every year. Chapman Guitars is different from other manufacturers because they focus mostly on collaborations with celebrities and famous personalities when designing their instruments.

South Korean Manufacturing Company

The Chapman ML1 Pro and the other guitars in its model line are made by the South Korean guitar manufacturing company WMI. This company also happens to be one of the best guitar manufacturers in the world.

Maple Through-neck

The Chapman ML1 Pro comes with a maple through-neck with a satin finish for a comfortable grip. There is also an ebony fingerboard and large stainless-steel frets that have rolled edges for ease of playing.

C-shape Neck

The neck is carved into a thin C-shape. However, it is still not quite as thin as that of an Ibanez Wizard. The body has a nice-looking carved maple top and a solid mahogany body. The body has a couple of comfort cuts here and there. There is also a somewhat deep spoon cut for access to the upper frets.

Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar Build Quality

chapman ml1 pro review

Excellent Build Quality by WMI Manufacturing Company

As mentioned earlier, WMI manufactures most of the Chapman guitars, including the ML1 Pro, which means you can be sure that the build quality will be excellent. WMI also manufactures the high-end models of other companies like PRS, ESP Ltd., and Schecter. This serves as proof that the Chapman ML1 Pro is in good company.


The body is made of one solid piece of swamp ash with a smooth satin finish. The through neck adds a lot of rigidity to the whole guitar. The swamp ash body is also quite durable. It has a tough and sturdy finish; you must try to scratch the surface.

Jumbo Stainless-steel Frets

I was quite impressed by the jumbo stainless-steel frets. They are all nicely rounded, making them comfortable to play with. Your fingers would easily slide from one fret to the next. They are also quite durable. I have been regularly using my ML1 Pro for a couple of months, and the frets are still as shiny as when I first got the guitar.

Hipshot Locking Tuners

The ML1 Pro comes standard with Hipshot locking tuners with an 18:1 gear ratio. These locking tuners are great at keeping the strings in tune for a long time. Coupled with the Chapman hardtail bridge and the dual-action truss rod going through the neck, they keep the strings in tune without flexing the guitar.


Another thing that I like the most about the guitar’s build quality is how light it is. Swamp Ash is quite light for hardwood, and so is the maple neck, which makes the guitar weigh only 4.7kg. However, even though this guitar seems light, it still feels quite durable when you hold it in your hands.

Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar Sound Quality

Sentient and Pegasus Seymour Duncan Pickups

The ML1 Pro uses Sentient and Pegasus Seymour Duncan pickups. They sound so nice that you might not even think about replacing them any time soon, as you usually would with other guitar brands.

5-way Switch

The ML1 Pro also comes with a 5-way switch, so you can pick from different pickup combinations to get the sound you want. The switch itself is quite robust. I have been using this guitar for a couple of months, and I have been abusing the heck out of the switch. Despite that, I noticed that it is still as clicky as if it was brand new.

Bright and Loud Sound

The ML1 Pro produces a bright and loud sound right up until you lower the tone knob somewhere around 3. This is a great guitar both for modern rock and even metal-style playing. There are clear definitions between low-register riffs and high-register solo pieces. Even power chords sound quite bright and vibrant in this guitar.

Clear and Crisp Sounds

This guitar may also look like it is for hard-rocking only (especially due to the frets positioned a bit closer together). However, it can also produce clear and crisp sounds.

Again, what does the Chapman ML1 Pro guitar offer? The Chapman ML1 Pro has a beautiful, hand-carved Swamp Ash body and baked Maple or Macassar Ebony fingerboards perfect for fast playing with a C-profile Chapman neck, jumbo fret, and glow-in-the-dark side dots.

Chapman ML1 Pros

chapman ml1 pro traditional review

1. Thin and Rounded Neck

The ML1 Pro comes with a comfortable rounded neck. This makes it easy to hold and control. The rounded edges of the fretboard and the frets also add to the guitar’s comfort and ease of use.

2. Lightweight and Durable Construction

The swamp ash body and maple neck combine to make the ML1 Pro weigh 4.7kg only. This makes it comfortable to use even for long jam sessions. This is also true even when you have it strapped over your shoulders.

However, even though this guitar is quite light, that does not mean it is not durable. The solid Swamp Ash body and the Maple through the neck give the ML1 Pro a solid and robust feel.

3. Incredible Sounding Pickups

The Chapman ML1 Pro guitar comes standard with Sentient and Pegasus Seymour Duncan humbuckers. The previous ML1 Pro models used Chapman humbuckers, and they were already quite good. Still, these updated pickups take the newest models to a whole new level of sound quality.

These pickups, coupled with the 5-way pickup switch, allow you to choose from different combinations. No matter what playing style you intend to use, and you can find the right combination of pickups for it.

4. Comes in Bright and Vibrant Colors

The ML1 Pro comes in three colorways :

  • Zima Blue,
  • Black Sun, and
  • Pitch Black.

You can see the broad woodgrain of the Swamp Ash on all the color options. Even in the Pitch-Black colorway, you can see it, giving each guitar a unique look.

Moreover, these guitars have a sandblasted, satin finish that gives them a smooth yet still textured look and feel.

Chapman ML1 Cons

No Fret Markers

Using traditional guitars with the usual fret markings, you might have a learning curve when playing with the ML1 Pro. Aside from the Infinity inlay in the 12th fret, the only other markings that you can use for reference are the glow-in-the-dark dots on the edge of the neck. Once you get used to using the side fret markers, you can play this guitar like normal.

Neck Seems Longer than Normal

If this is the first time you are playing a Chapman ML1, then the reverse-angled headstock may seem a bit weird. I was so used to having the tuners on the top of the headstock. It is why it feels like the neck of the ML1 Pro seems longer than usual for me.

Is the Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar for You?

If you are not worried about resale value and have a flexible budget, you should check the Chapman ML1 Pro guitar out. Although the Chapman Guitar brand may not be quite as old as the other brands, it does not lag that far behind in quality, performance, and style.

On the other hand, ever since the Chapman brand started in 2009, the company has gotten much traction. Many of the younger guitar players are enamored with Chapman guitars as they provide great value for the money.

Conclusion – Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar Specs and Review

The newest Chapman ML1 Pro comes with a beautiful Swamp Ash body, a neck made from solid Maple, and baked Maple or Ebony fingerboards. Like the other guitars in the Chapman Pro line, the ML1 Pro is designed for fast and furious playing. It has the following:

  • A wide radius,
  • C-profile neck, and
  • Extra-large, closely-spaced, stainless-steel frets.

Even though the Chapman brand is not a household name yet, it quickly climbed up the ranks and gained popularity. Yes, the price tag might seem steep for a guitar not from the Big 3 brands. Still, I guarantee you that every cent that went into the Chapman ML1 Pro Guitar will be well-spent.

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