How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost?

There are various types of pianos that you can choose from, but the best is a grand piano. A grand piano is perfect for concerts with silky treble notes and warm bass tones. In this article, I’ll explain how much a grand piano costs and give tips on choosing a grand piano if you are planning on buying one.

How much does a grand piano cost? The price of a brand new grand piano ranges from $150,000 to $175,000 for the Steinway and Sons Model D or between $120,000 and $200,000 for the Yamaha model. However, ‘used’ grand pianos are less expensive, with prices ranging from $15,000 to $25,000.

Searches on eBay would yield prices within the lower price range of $15,000 to $25,000 or less for used grand pianos. For example, like this grand piano on eBay for under $10,000.

A new baby grand piano is a more affordable way to get a new grand piano because of its smaller size. A brand new baby grand piano, which is only about five feet long, costs $11,000 to $50,000.

The prices of grand pianos differ based on the manufacturer, retailer, and model of the grand piano. The Steinway brand is the most expensive, with prices generally around $80,000 to $175,000 or more. The Yamaha can cost from $60,000 to $120,000, depending on its specific features.

Read on to learn more about how much grand pianos cost, including the prices of different types of grand pianos.

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How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost?

There are various types of grand pianos that can be suitable for your purpose, and they are as follows:

  • Parlor Grand  Stands at 5’9″ to 6’2″ and costs somewhere from $50,000 and up.
  • Petite Grand – Shorter than 4’11” and can cost lower than $20,000.
  • Concert Grand – 7′ to 10′ and can cost from $130,000 to $210,000.
  • Medium Grand – 5’2″ to 5’8″ and is less expensive. It costs somewhere from $25,000 and up.
  • Baby Grand 4’11” to 5’1″ and costs $11,000 to $50,000.
  • Ballroom Grand – 6’10” to 9′ and can cost around $60,000 and up.

Why Are Grand Pianos Expensive?

cost of a grand piano

Grand pianos are expensive because they are made of top-grade wood, such as high-quality spruce or tough rock maple. Additionally, all grand piano materials are top-notch, such as durable wool felt and top-grade keys and hammers.

Grand pianos sound perfect and clear because of their high-quality materials and construction–the main reasons why professional musicians prefer them. All of their parts are exquisitely manufactured with the sole purpose of creating beautiful music.

How to Find Pricing Information for a Used Grand Piano

There are no specific metrics in finding the pricing information for used grand pianos. To determine the price of a used piano, you have to ask the help of an expert technician who knows how to assess a piano’s usability, durability, and functionality.

Take note that – contrary to popular belief – there are still older pianos that are better sounding than newer ones.

So, if the technician vouches for the piano’s continued use without encountering problems with its functionality, then the used piano can command a better price. Bear in mind that the technician must be an independent entity and not related in any way to the seller. You could bring your own technician to help out.

Also, the functionality of a used piano depends on its keys and pedal function, including the clarity of sound it produces. After all, it’s the sound of the piano that’s crucial to your decision. The better sounding it is, the more expensive it would be.

Naturally, you have to decide after you have played the piano yourself because a pro can make the piano sound better than it really is. A used grand piano should sound clear even in the hands of an amateur.

One of the best options is to find a locally trusted piano dealer and buy from him. This way, you could return the piano if it breaks down within a short period.

To ensure that you can do this, you should request a written document to that effect (warranty). The document should state how long the grand piano is covered and what specific items are included in the coverage.

You should also know that well-made pianos live longer than cars. The most durable ones can last from 60 to 80 years or even more and could still work well. Provided you take care of it well, you can use the grand piano for as long as you live. Isn’t that amazing?

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What Are the Features You Should Look for in a Grand Piano?

When deciding to buy a grand piano (also called horizontal pianos), what features should you look for? Here are some aspects you should consider:

1. Durability

First, you will have to consider the durability of the piano. Is it made of top-grade wood, such as spruce or maple? You would also want to find out the track record of the company selling the item. Is the company reliable?

It’s natural to assume that the longer the company is in the business, the more reliable it is. Also, go over the literature that comes with the piano. Determine the materials used in its construction. Are they long-lasting or not?

What about the keys? Are they made of high-quality spruce wood and covered with long-lasting ivory and ebony? The answers to these questions should be “yes.”

The pedals must also be made of sturdy material. The dampers should lift uniformly, and that all of them work properly. Ensure that the soundboard is free from dust and that the hammers are suitably grooved.

You can play the grand piano for at least an hour to determine if the keys are uniform and have the same speed when playing. When in doubt, you could bring in a technician to go over the parts of the grand piano. This way, you can rest assured that every part is in good working condition.

2. Ease of Use

Is the grand piano user-friendly? Can a beginner use it to learn how to play?

There should be no problem in playing the keys. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. Usually, other types of wood are damaged easily, and the white keys are more prone to yellow discoloration. 

Can you run your fingers through the piano’s keys smoothly and easily? Are the pedals easy to use? Determine if they do by trying them out yourself.

What about the storage space? Do you have enough space for your grand piano? Make sure to consider this factor before purchasing your instrument. It’s not like a car that you could park outside when your garage is full. Excessive temperature, too much water, and the sun can damage your piano. So, measure first your available space before buying one.

3. Cost

Top-of-the-line grand pianos can be costly. They can be somewhere in between $60,000 to $200,000. When shopping, have a list ready of your preferences so you can put a checkmark easily. If you’re scrimping, you can opt to purchase a used grand piano instead. Just be thorough in double-checking that it’s still functional. You can choose a small-sized grand piano for starters.

However, if you can afford it, then, by all means, buy the standard grand piano. Most experts recommend that if you’re serious about your musical career, you must use the best instrument from the start. This way, you will develop your musical skills effectively.

But you must also know that an expert or skilled pianist could make a bad piano sound great. When you’re a trained pianist, you would, more likely, be able to play well even with a bad instrument. On the other hand, not even a superb grand piano would sound good if the pianist is not skilled enough.

Lastly, remember to haggle. There’s nothing to be ashamed about it–just do it diplomatically. The listed price is usually tagged at a much higher amount than its actual price. So, you can request a discount from the piano’s listed price. Sellers will surely give you a discount if you’re persistent enough.

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Why Are Grand Pianos Preferred over Other Types?

Grand pianos are preferred because they are better sounding and have more clarity and responsiveness. Many experts value the sound more than the aesthetics of the piano. There are ‘ugly-looking’ pianos that produce the sweetest of sounds and vice versa.

Of course, several grand pianos can also be beautifully designed, classy, elegant, and able to produce an excellent sound. You have to be diligent in looking for these types.

What Piano Is Right for You?

The correct piano for you is the one that can meet your needs. Aside from allotting a budget for the purchase, you also have to be specific about where you would use the instrument. What are your goals in purchasing the grand piano? Will you use it to perform on stage? Or will you use it to practice only as a hobby?

If it’s the former, then you have to invest in the best grand piano there is. If it’s the latter, then a cheaper piano, but still good-sounding, would be more ideal. However, the final basis should be how good it sounds, as that’s what truly counts when choosing musical instruments.

These guidelines will help you know the type of piano you should buy. Your budget and purpose are vital considerations when choosing the right piano. You can also take note of the features you should look for and consider the recommended tips below.

Tips When Choosing a Grand Piano with the Right Price

how much is a grand piano
  • Determine the amount that you can allot for your purchase. Use this amount as the first basis of your selection. 
  • Browse and list all pianos that fall within your budget. Remember to indicate whether they are brand new or used.
  • Narrow down your list by considering your preferences. Cross out those that don’t fulfill your needs.
  • Physically visit a piano shop and try playing the piano of your choice. The piano must produce good sound. Musical instruments are always about how good they can produce sound.
  • Bring with you an expert technician to go over the instrument. Don’t rely on in-house technicians. Bring an expert for an unbiased evaluation of used grand pianos.
  • Make your final selection based on price, durability, functionality, and clarity of sound.

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How Much Do Other Types of Piano Cost?

You may want to find other price options that you can consider. Here’s a list that you can use as a guide:

1. Upright Piano

You can find upright or vertical pianos that can cost from $3,500 to $5,000. Upright pianos have certain limitations with regards to features as compared to the grand piano. However, they have some advantages, too, such as their affordability and space-saving functionality. If you’re a beginner, this type of piano is ideal for you.

2. Branded Piano

Piano prices also vary depending on the brand. For example, a Boston piano will cost around $35,000 to $55,000, while a Bosendorfer piano would cost from $50,000 to $120,000. Pianos from the Baldwin Piano Company would cost from $40,000 to $50,000.

3. Digital Piano

The least expensive ones are digital pianos. For only $100, you can already buy a well-functioning keyboard. Choose keyboards with weighted keys, so that it feels like a genuine piano keyboard. There are 88 keys, speakers, and a stand, completing the features of a standard piano.

They can cost from $500 to $1000. This price range would be excellent for people who only want to play the piano as a hobby.

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Conclusion – How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost?

So, to revisit our initial question: How much does a grand piano cost? The price of a grand piano depends on its type, size, and materials used. As previously discussed, the price can range from $60,000 and above. It would also depend on the brand. More famous brands, such as Steinway and Yamaha, are expensive ones.

In case you’re on a budget, you can buy a second-hand or used grand piano. Perhaps bring along a technician to check the performance of the whole instrument.

Again, Steinway grand pianos are the most expensive, with prices ranging from $80,000 to $175,000 or more. Yamaha is also quite expensive at $60,000 to $120,000, depending on its features.

Understandably, used versions of these grand pianos are less expensive. But, you have to be extra careful in checking the functionality of the instrument. Scammers can sell you an initially functioning piano that would bog down after a few days of use. So, you should, at least, secure a warranty from the seller.

Hopefully, through these pointers, you’ll be able to find a grand piano that meets both of your needs and goals.