How Much Does a Piano Weigh? (Upright, Grand, and More)

Pianos are undoubtedly one of the heavy-weights when it comes to musical instruments. If you are planning to move, it helps to know the exact weight of your piano. How much does a piano weigh?

A concert grand piano weighs up to 1,200 lbs. (544 kg), while an average (upright and vertical) piano weighs between 200 lbs. (91 kg) and 1,000 lbs. (545 kg). An average professional grand piano weighs about 700 lbs. (317 kg), and an average baby grand piano weighs between 500 lbs. (227 kg) and 600 lbs. (272 kg).

The below table gives a summary over of the weights of all different piano types.

Vertical Pianos   
1. Upright480 – 600 lbs. (217.7 – 272 kg)  50 – 60 inches58 inches
2. Console350 – 450 lbs. (159 – 204 kg)40 – 45 inches58 inches  
3. Spinet200 – 300 lbs. (90.7 – 136 kg)38 inches58 inches  
4. Studio400 – 500 lbs. (181 to 227 kg)  44 – 48 inches58 inches
Grand Pianos   
1. Baby540 – 1,100 lbs. (245 – 499 kg)  4’11” – 5’11”Around 5’
2. Petite400 – 500 lbs. (181 – 227 kg)4’5” – 4’10”Around 5’  
3. Medium500 – 600 lbs. (227 – 272 kg)5’7”Around 5’  
4. Parlor600 – 700 lbs. (272 – 317.5 kg)5’9” – 6’1”Around 5’  
5. Ballroom900 – 1000 lbs. (408 – 454 kg)  6’2” – 6’7”Around 5’
6. Concert700 – 1200 lbs. (317.5 – 544 kg)  9 feetAround 5’
Digital Pianos   
1. Beginners Electronic Keyboard20 – 40 lbs. (9 – 18 kg)51 – 57 inchesUnder 59 inches    
2. Professional Digital Keyboard25 – 60 lbs. (11 – 27 kg)51 – 57 inchesUnder 59 inches  
3. Standalone Digital Pianos100 – 300 lbs. (45 – 138 kg)51 – 57 inchesUnder 59 inches  
4. Digital Grand Pianos150 – 350 lbs. (68 -159 kg)51 – 57 inchesUnder 59 inches  

Read on to learn more about the weight of different pianos and tips for moving pianos.

How Much Does a Piano Weigh?

The weight of a piano depends on its type. There are three main piano types: vertical pianos, horizontal pianos, and digital pianos. Below are brief descriptions and their measurements.

1. Upright Pianos – 200 to 1,000 lbs. (91 to 545 kg)

In an upright piano, the strings are strung vertically. This makes the instrument more compact, which allows the piano to be played in a more compact space. Some call these pianos stand-up pianos.

Upright pianos are different from grand pianos as they have smaller soundboards and shorter strings. They usually measure 110 cm to 135 cm in height, around 155 cm in width, and 60 cm deep. The pianos can weigh from 200 to 1,000 pounds (91 to 545 kg).

2. Grand Pianos – 500 to 1,200 lbs. (227 to 544 kg)

Grand pianos have a larger horizontal soundboard and longer strings, so they are also called horizontal pianos. The musician has more flexibility and speed in playing as the key strikes go with gravity. Its standard width is around 5 feet and is usually 4.5 to 9.5 feet long. How much does a grand piano weigh? Grand pianos weigh anywhere from 500 lbs. (227 kg) to 1,200 lbs. (544 kg).

how much does a piano weigh

3. Digital Pianos – 20 to 350 lbs. (9 to 159 kg)

Digital pianos play differently from the upright and the grand. Instead of hitting strings, sensors are activated to produce a similar note like that from a grand or upright piano. It can also feature modern technology, such as a recorder as you play and play-along pieces you can jam with.

You can adjust the tone, the volume, and the beat the way you want it. It may even come with a guitar piece that you can play on. They can weigh from 20 lbs. (9 kg) to 350 lbs. (159 kg), depending on their types.

How Much Does an Upright Piano Weigh?

As mentioned above, the average upright piano weighs between 200 lbs. (91 kg) and 1,000 lbs. (545 kg). There are various kinds of upright pianos.

Types of Vertical Pianos

1. Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are also called ‘grandma pianos’ because they are one of the originally designed pianos. They measure 50” to 60”, making them the tallest vertical piano. Their width is 58 inches, with enough space to produce rich and deep sounds. Various upright piano brands have slightly different weights, starting from 480 lbs. (217.7 kg) to 600 lbs. (272 kg).

2. Console Pianos

The console measures around 40 to 45 inches, with a width of 58 inches. Moreover, the console piano produces enhanced sounds as the hammers’ upright position is directly over the keys. It is one of the most popular vertical pianos because of how good it sounds. How much does a console piano weigh? Console pianos can weigh between 350 to 450 lbs. (159 to 204 kg).

3. Spinet Pianos

This piano is the smallest of vertical pianos, with around 38 inches in height and 58 inches in width. If you lack space in your house, this can be a perfect piano for you. However, its sound may not be as good as the other types. How much does a spinet piano weigh? Spinet pianos weigh from 200 to 300 lbs. (90.7 to 136 kg).

4. Studio Pianos

These pianos are bigger than consoles, measuring 44 to 48 inches in height and 58 inches in width. They are ideal for classrooms or studio settings. Studio pianos can weigh from 400 lbs. (181 kg) to 500 lbs. (227 kg).

How Much Does a Grand Piano Weigh?

Grand pianos are the largest and most expensive pianos in the market. There are also different types of grand pianos.

how much does a grand piano weigh

Types of Grands Pianos

1. Baby Grands 

These are horizontal pianos usually measuring 4’11” to 5’6” in height. This piano is popular among pianists due to its affordability, superb tonal quality, and simple elegance.

How much does a baby grand piano weigh? A baby grand piano weighs from 540 lbs. (245 kg) to around 1,100 lbs. (499 kg).

2. Petite Grands

This piano is the smallest among the horizontal pianos. It measures 4’5” to 4’10” high and produces clear, crisp notes despite its smaller size. These pianos weigh between 400 lbs. (181 kg) and 500 lbs. (227 kg). Pianos smaller than 5 feet are considered petite pianos.

3. Medium Grands

The medium grand measures 5’7″ and is larger than the baby grand. Thus, it has a longer soundboard and strings. They weigh from 500 to 600 lbs. (227 kg to 272 kg).

4. Parlor Grands

Also called the ‘living room’ piano, the parlor grand measures 5’9” to 6’1” in height. The parlor grand can weigh from 600 lbs. (272 kg) to 700 lbs. (317.5 kg).

5. Ballroom Grands

The ballroom grand piano measures 6’2” to 6’7” in height. It is also called the semi-concert grand as its size is next to the concert grand piano. It can weigh from 900 lbs. (408 kg) to 1,000 lbs. (454 kg).

6. Concert Grands

This grand piano measures 9 feet high, and thus, the largest of all pianos. It also features additional keys, aside from the standard 88 keys. This piano can weigh from 700 lbs. (317.5) to 1,200 lbs. (544 kg).

Types of Digital Pianos

1. Beginners Electronic Keyboard

This piano is ideal for kid learners because the keys are light and are completely digital with built-in speakers. They are made of plastic and features unweighted keys. It weighs only 20 to 40 lbs. (9 to 18 kg). Your kids can carry it by themselves.

2. Professional Digital Keyboard

This digital piano features semi or fully weighted keys, as metal and wood are incorporated in its material to lend more authenticity to the sound. It weighs heavier at 25 to 60 lbs. (11 to 27 kg) due to its component materials.

3. Standalone Digital Pianos

This piano can be a substitute for the spinet grand piano. Its 88 keys are fully weighted and have a built-in speaker. It can stand alone, weighing 100 lbs. to 300 lbs. (45 kg to 138 kg).

4. Digital Grand Pianos

This piano has 88 keys, fully weighted keys, and a built-in sound system. It has the same features as a mini-grand piano, complete with a piano top and four legs. The sound it produces is more or less comparable to that of grand pianos. It can weigh between 150 lbs. (68 kg) and 350 lbs. (159 kg).

Weights of Popular Piano Brands

  1. Steinway and Sons Upright Piano Model 1098 – 480 lbs.
  2. Yamaha P22 Upright Piano – 490 lbs.
  3. Kawai K300 Upright Piano – 500 lbs.
  4. Mason and Hamlin Baby Grand Piano – 1,090 lbs.
  5. Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano – 990 lbs.
  6. Young Chang Grand Piano Y185 – 671 lbs.

We have discussed how much the different pianos weigh; let’s now proceed to some tips for moving your piano from one house to another.

Tips for Moving Your Piano

how much do pianos weigh

1. Use Moving Equipment

Use appropriate moving equipment, such as a four-wheeled piano dolly, with proper piano straps and a piano padding that would ensure you and your piano are moved securely and safely. You will also need a skid board, where you could strap the piano’s body.

A mover’s pad or blanket will prevent the piano’s damage from the tapes, straps, or sudden bumps along the way. The shoulder belts or harness will allow you to carry the piano without getting injured.

2. Move the Piano Slowly

Move with caution. You are not in a race. Take your time and move the piano slowly. Avoid sudden movements as accidents can happen that may injure you and damage your piano. Think of the piano as ‘Humpty Dumpty’ that you may never put back together to its original state once you break it.

3. Ask Help

Never move your piano without assistance. Ask for help from at least three people. Dropping it has severe consequences, so be brave to ask for help, even from neighbors. It is better to do so than regret later on when your piano gets irreparably damaged.

You can move the piano by yourself with the help of some friends, but getting an expert mover to do it would decrease your risk of injury and accidental damage to your piano.

Using the services of skilled piano movers would cost you more, but it is quicker and safer for you and your piano. In the end, the repair of a damaged piano could put a dent in your wallet.

4. Avoid Relying on Casters

Don’t rely on the piano’s casters as they can be old and could jam or break. Also, the casters can damage your carpet or floor. Hence, it is best to use a suitable piano trolley. If you are hiring professional movers, they have all the equipment they need to safely move your piano. You need not worry.

5. Bind the Piano Securely

If you’re doing it yourself, take care not to damage the piano when securing the straps. No piano parts should be left hanging as this could bump into something. Remove all the sharp edges along its way and objects that could serve as ‘humps.’ This is one crucial precaution to avoid the piano dropping down when accidents happen.

Conclusion – How Much Does a Piano Weigh?

The weight of a piano varies based on its type and brand. Typically, an average professional grand piano weighs about 700 lbs. (317 kg), and an average baby grand piano weighs between 500 lbs. (227 kg) and 600 lbs. (272 kg).

A concert grand piano weighs up to 1,200 lbs. (544 kg), while an average (upright and vertical) piano weighs between 200 lbs. (91 kg) and 1,000 lbs. (545 kg).

These are general average weights for the various types of pianos. Each brand may be a little different based on the features included in the model. So, expect to move at least 200 lbs. (91 kg) to 1,000 lbs. (545 kg) of piano weight. You can refer to the table above for more specific weights.

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