Sheet Music Plus Reviews [Is It Safe? Is It Worth It?]

Are you having difficulty finding the sheet music of a particular type of music from music stores? Don’t limit yourself to brick-and-mortar music stores. Many Sheet Music Plus reviews indicate that you will most likely find the sheet music you are looking for on this website.

Sheet Music Plus is a great source for all types of sheet music. This website has more than 1,000,000 sheet music titles ranging from beginner to professional and from pop music books to rare classical editions. You can also find music accessories and even some instruments on their website.

A recent addition to is their music digital downloads. You can instantly download the music that you just bought and print it yourself. So you don’t have to wait to receive the sheet music through the mail.

Read on to learn more about the various Sheet Music Plus reviews and what you can find on

Sheet Music Plus Reviews

Sheet Music Plus reviews

Musicians created Sheet Music Plus for musicians. Their goal is to provide unsurpassed service to music aficionados all over the world. This company offers the largest selection of sheet music around the world.

Their website is a great source for sheet music and music books, music scores, songbooks, choral sheet music, and many more. It has an extensive selection of sheet music that includes piano, flute, choral, Christian, Jazz, octavos to guitar tabs, and beyond.

A great new addition to their offerings is their digital music downloads. You don’t have to wait for it through the mail since you can download it right away.

What Is Sheet Music Plus?

Sheet Music Plus is a website that offers sheet music to musicians and interested buyers. They have the world’s most extensive selections of sheet music. They sell not only sheet music but also the following:

  1. Music books
  2. Songbooks
  3. Choral music
  4. Jazz music
  5. Piano music
  6. Christian music
  7. Music scores

The site was created and launched in 1995 by Nick Babchuk. But it is now under the name of Hal Leonard. Its complete website name is

Their current offices are located in Berkeley, California, USA. Its current CEO is Amy Hopson, the company’s former vice president of product engineering.

They have more than 1,000,000 titles in their music library. These music pieces are distributed across multiple genres:

  1. Classical
  2. Opera
  3. Choral
  4. Pop
  5. Blues
  6. Jazz
  7. Country
  8. Rock
  9. R&B
  10. Latin music
  11. Concert band

This company also collaborates with more than 1,000 music publishers that include all major publishers in Europe. They also hire musicians whenever possible and are very active in the music community.

This company not only focuses on actual printed sheet music but also specializes in digital sheet music. The digital collections in their library are available for printing instantly for paying customers.

They currently have more than 450,000 digital print titles in their music library, including Alfred Music and Hal Leonard.

Is Sheet Music Plus safe? Sheet Music Plus is perfectly safe to get your sheet music from. Their pre-approved list of pop music is legally available and can be sold through the ArrangeMe program. This particular company manages the payment to copyright holders through Hal Leonard.

It is an arrangement that enables musicians to concentrate more on creating their music instead of spending time protecting their copyrights. 

History of Sheet Music Plus

Nick Babchuk established, a self-run pilot music website, in 1995. The site originally sold music sheets, musician accessories, drum heads, and guitar strings. Keith Cerny, a former CEO of the company, revealed that the site earned profit “from the very beginning.”

As time went on, demand for music sheets outstripped the demand for their other items. This led them to change the website’s and the company’s name to Sheet Music Plus.

The company continued expanding and moved its warehouse in 2005 from San Francisco, CA, to a bigger 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Emeryville, CA.

The company continued growing and by 2007 had amassed 550,000 music titles. Babchuk assumed the company’s position and relinquished his post as CEO to Keith Cerny in 2008. Cerny transferred to Dallas Opera to become its General Director and gave his post to Jenny Silva.

Under Silva’s management, the company expanded its music sheet collections to more than 1,000,000 titles. She also spearheaded developing the company’s digital print publishing program for songwriters, composers, and arrangers.

The company offered a new service, Digital Print Publishing, in 2013. This service is offered to independent songwriters, composers, and arrangers so they will be able to sell and publish their music digitally in the company’s online catalog.

With this service, musicians can gain worldwide exposure and earn a 45% commission for their musical creations. To date, Sheet Music Plus has already published more than 25,000 titles from independent publishers.

On Feb. 27, 2017, Sverica Capital Management LLC announced the acquisition of Sheet Music Plus LLC by Hal Leonard LLC, which was established in 1997.

Jenny Silva resigned her position on May 31, 2018, and Amy Hopson, former vice president of the company’s product and engineering, took over.

How Extensive Is the Library of Sheet Music Plus?

Sheet Music Plus review

The mission of Sheet Music Plus is to make the world’s music more playable. In this regard, the company has continuously endeavored to acquire hundreds of musical compositions’ rights and make them available to the needy masses of music students and music teachers.

Sheet Music Plus has made over 1 million print titles and around 250,000 digital downloads to those willing to purchase them. 

There is no longer a need for musically oriented people to search for music libraries and be disappointed in the return. With Sheet Music Plus, they are sure to get their sheet music fast and easy.

An actual customer who is grateful for the services they receive from Sheet Music Plus has written a review saying that they have purchased from SMP several times.

One time when they purchased the wrong sheet music, they said Sheet Music Plus promptly refunded their money. They added that they could print the music immediately. It is better than searching in stores to find music.

Again, what is Sheet Music Plus? Sheet Music Plus provides musicians, aspiring musicians, and teachers access to various kinds of sheet music.

Aside from sheet music, Sheet Music Plus reviews found that Sheet Music Plus also offers competition music and group music, music books, and other music accessories.

Benefits of Using Sheet Music Plus

About twenty years ago, music students, music professionals, and music teachers who required certain sheet music had to forage their materials on local music stores’ shelves. With the coming of Sheet Music Plus on the scene, things became easier and faster.

Undoubtedly, the service being provided by this music company is matchless. They offer a lot of benefits to music lovers of all kinds and genres.

Some of the benefits, according to reviews of Sheet Music Plus, that you can now enjoy are the following:

1. Searching for Sheet Music Is Now Quick and Easy

Finding a particular piece of sheet music that you need is now very fast and very easy. You don’t have to search the shelves of music stores to find what you need. Just search their website, Sheet Music Plus, for the sheet music you want, and you will shortly get the piece you need.

2. No Need to Leave Home to Acquire Your Required Sheet Music

Since sheet music is available online, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to go to a brick-and-mortar music store. Just visit the official website of Sheet Music Plus and search for their music titles.

Pretty soon, you will be presented with the options or the even exact title that you need. Please place an order online, pay for it, and then wait for it in the mail.

3. Musicians Can Self-publish Their Creations

The Sheet Music Plus Press provides composers and songwriters a venue by which they can monetize their work on original and public domain sheet music. They can earn up to 45% in royalties for their sheet music digitalized in MP3 form while gaining global exposure for their creations.

4. Musicians Can Take Advantage of ArrangeMe to Earn Money

Composers can take advantage of the ArrangeMe platform that Sheet Music Plus offers to earn extra money. This platform offers an extensive list of over 1,000 pre-approved copyright-protected songs that they can arrange and sell legally.

5. You Can Even Download the Sheet Music That You Need

Sheet Music Plus now has over 250,000 different sheet music for downloads. If the sheet music that you need is included in this list, you don’t even have to wait in the mail if you want it now.

Just pay for the corresponding download price, and you can instantly download it right on your laptop or mobile device. Then you can just print it out at home. No more waiting for the mailman to deliver the item to your home. That is super convenient and really fast.

Types of Sheet Music Offered by Sheet Music Plus

Whatever type of music genre you are into, Sheet Music Plus surely has the right sheet music to fit your bill. Here are the types of sheet music that SMP is offering:

1. Classical Sheet Music

Sheet Music Plus

This is the music of the masters. Sheet Music Plus offers classical sheet music featuring flute, trumpet, violin, and many more musical instruments. They are sourced from more than 500 music publishers around the world.

2. Piano Sheet Music

The piano sheet music selections of Sheet Music Plus include popular songbooks, imported classical piano sheet music, piano methods, and many more.

3. Choral Sheet Music

The choral sheet music and choral music scores of Sheet Music Plus are also extensive. Everything that you may need, including choral music for community, church, or school, is available in the music library of SMP.

4. Music Methods and More

All musical methods for every instrument, choir, concert band, and piano are also available at Sheet Music Plus’ music library. They are easily available online or in digital download form.

Sheet Music Plus Price

If you order sheet music from Sheet Music Plus now, you will enjoy a 20% discount on some of their listed prices. You can visit their official website to see the types of sheet music with their corresponding prices and their respective discounts.

Current prices for Sheet Music Plus sheet music (all music genres considered) range from a low of $4.99 (for a piano solo sheet music) to a high of $22.99 (for a piano, vocal, guitar sheet music). If you order now, you get a 20% off from some selected items’ list price.

Who Can Make Use of Sheet Music Plus Services?

Who are the particular types of people who could make ample use of Sheet Music Plus’ services? Are you among them?

If you are any of the below, you will benefit the most from the services being offered by Sheet Music Plus.

  • Music teacher,
  • A studio teacher,
  • A budding songwriter or composer,
  • A music arranger, or
  • Just a plain lover of any music.

A major part of the customer demographic of Sheet Music Plus is music educators and teachers. As such, Sheet Music Plus has devised a business arrangement with these people by offering them an Easy Rebates program.

Over 60,000 teachers are already enrolled in this program. They get around 8% rebates on their purchases.

The peak time for Sheet Music Plus is at the start of the semester. The demand from teachers requiring sheet music typically comes during this period, and the demand steadily rises through the years.

Sheet Music Plus’ warehouses are fully stocked during these times in anticipation of the orders coming from music educators and teachers.

Conclusion – Sheet Music Plus Reviews

Sheet Music Plus is a website that offers all kinds of sheet music. Besides being a great source of sheet music, it also offers competition music and group music, music books, and other music accessories.

They offer a pervasive selection of sheet music with more than 1,000,000 titles ranging from beginner to professional and from pop music books to rare classical editions.

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