Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano Specs and Review

If you are looking for a piano that doesn’t take up too much space but has all the sound quality that can surpass the requirements of a discerning pianist, you’re in the right place. In this Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano review, I’ll list all its features and specs, so you will know if it’s the right one for you.

The Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid piano is a special instrument because it uses the most remarkable breakthrough technology in the piano industry. Being a hybrid, it combines the digitally sampled sounds of concert grand pianos and their actual keyboard action with modern amplifiers and speakers.

This hybrid piano is the latest flagship digital piano of Yamaha Corporation. With this instrument, you can play the two most famous grand pianos globally, the Bosendorfer Imperial and the Yamaha CFX concert grand. What’s even greater is that it comes with a space-saving body and cabinet.

Read on to learn more about the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano, its features and specs, and other things you need to know to help you determine if it will be up to your requirements.

About the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano

yamaha avantgrand n3x digital piano

Combination of Traditional Piano with a More Technologically Advanced Digital Piano

As its name implies, the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano combines a traditional piano with a more technologically advanced digital piano. Yamaha claims that it uses the most remarkable breakthrough technology in the piano industry. Yamaha has been producing this hybrid piano for more than ten years now.

Space-saving and Modern-looking Body

It combines the digitally sampled sounds of two world-famous grand pianos and their keyboard actions with modern speakers and amplifiers. In addition, all of its components are housed in a space-saving and modern-looking body and cabinet.

Uses Digital Sound Production and Acoustic Mechanisms

Technically, a hybrid piano uses digital sound production and acoustic mechanisms to produce exceptional sound quality in a cabinet that does not take too much space. It still maintains the authentic hammer action of an acoustic piano but uses amplifiers and speakers to produce the sound.

Does Not Need Tuning

While a hybrid piano has hammers, it does not need strings, so it is not needed to be tuned. That means it can be made much smaller than an acoustic piano. Most hybrid pianos can fit into a small space inside an average living room.

Uses 16 Amplifiers and 12 Speakers

The AvantGrand N3X uses 16 amplifiers and 12 speakers. It offers a full Yamaha acoustic grand piano feel and action. This hybrid piano comes with plenty of voices or sounds, including the sounds and quality of two of the most famous grand pianos globally, the 9 feet 6 inches Bosendorfer Imperial and the 9 feet Yamaha CFX.

Tons of High-tech and Highly Advanced Features

This hybrid piano has tons of high-tech and highly advanced features. In this regard, Yamaha claims that the AvantGrand N3X has no equal in its class. They say it is comparable to mid-level to top-of-the-line grand pianos and not to any other digital piano.

Key Features of the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano

Looking at the key features of the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano will tell you that it is a special type of musical instrument. I will now discuss its key features that will show you why it is worth your consideration:

1. Two World-Famous Grand Pianos

Inside the AvantGrand N3X are two of the most famous grand pianos globally, the Yamaha CFX and the Bosendorfer Imperial. The digitalized sound sampling of these two top-notch grand pianos is at the tip of your fingertips when you play the keys of this hybrid piano.

Its sound sampling technology is state-of-the-art. Combined with an innovative speaker system and a group of actuators, the key vibrations unique to the Yamaha CFX and the Bosendorfer Imperial are accurately reproduced by this system. This system is called Tactile Response System.

2. Advanced Digital Technology

The AvantGrand N3X uses highly advanced digital tech for sound reproduction. Two systems come into play in this instrument to give you this advantage:

  • Four-channel Spatial Acoustic Speaker System, and
  • Soundboard Resonator.

This resonator is a flat panel located below the music rest. It spans the whole width of the piano. By using these two systems, the AvantGrand N3X can produce accurate and realistic sounds unequaled by other hybrid pianos.

3. Grand Piano Pedaling Style

The AvantGrand N3X hybrid piano also gives you the feeling of using the pedals of a grand piano. Much like the real McCoy, when you press down the pedals of an N3X, you will notice the subtle and unique changes in the sound.

If you are an intermediate or a professional pianist, you will surely appreciate these subtle responses and take advantage of them while playing the keys. You can play by starting light and then getting firmer as you travel and then lighter again as you play through.

Such extreme pedaling action is possible in this hybrid piano. You will feel the sensations of the pedals of a grand piano in this AvantGrand NX3. If you want to play music pieces with lots of nuances and impressions, you have to half-pedal all the way. This is the piano that could do it.

4. Spatial Acoustic Speaker System

The Yamaha Avant Grand NX3 hybrid piano also uses Yamaha’s proprietary Spatial Acoustic Speaker System. What this system does is capture the original sounds of selected full concert grand pianos.

Then the Yamaha engineers took samples of these sounds from different soundboard locations, specifically at the left, rear, right, and center. Most sound systems only take the left and right positions.

Yamaha’s four-point speaker system resulted in richer and more authentic sound reproduction. You can hear three-dimensional sound reproductions of the original grand pianos in this AvantGrand NX3. The placement of the speakers of this hybrid piano mirrors the original four positions in the original recording or sampling of the source grand piano.

Standard Features of the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano

yamaha avantgrand n3x hybrid grand piano

Being a top-quality hybrid piano, you would expect that the AvantGrand NX3 will offer tons of beneficial features. So, here are some of the standard features of this remarkable hybrid piano that are there for you to enjoy:

  • Four-Channel Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano samples
  • Four-Channel Yamaha CFX grand piano samples
  • Specialized Grand Piano Action with Ivorite
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • Binaurally sampled CFX sound source (for use with headphones)
  • USB audio recording
  • XLR jacks, balanced output (for stage and recording studio use)
  • 10 Voices (vs. 5 in the N3)
  • Spatial Acoustic Sampling
  • Tactile Response System

Again, what does the Yamaha AvantGrand NX3 Hybrid Piano offer? The Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid piano is a combination of digitally sampled sounds of concert grand pianos and their keyboard action plus modern amplifiers and speakers. And this remarkable breakthrough technology makes this instrument special in the piano industry.

Keys Specs of the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano

If you want to get a quick overview of what a hybrid piano can offer, you need to look at its key specs. The key specs of the Yamaha AvantGrand NX3 hybrid piano are the following:

  • Number of keys – 88
  • Width – 58 5/16 inches
  • Height – 39 15/16 inches (68 1/4 inches when lid is up)
  • Depth – 47 1/16 inches
  • Weight – 438 pounds
  • Piano sound – Spatial acoustic sampling
  • Number of voices – 10
  • Hammer key sensors – Yes
  • Tactile response system – Non-contact optical fiber
  • Recording/playback – Yes
  • Soft-close fallboard – Yes

Full Specs of the Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano

yamaha n3x avantgrand hybrid digital piano

You also need to know the full specs of a hybrid piano to arrive at a wise buying decision. The table below will give you all the details about the important specs of the Yamaha AvantGrand NX3 Hybrid Piano:

Control Interface 
Number of keys88
Touch SensitivityHard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
White key surfaceIvorite
Black key surfacePhenolic resin
Tactile Response SystemYes
Number of pedalsThree
Pedal typeSpecialized Grand Piano Pedal
Width58-5/16 inches (1,481mm)
Height39-15/16 inches (1,014mm); 68-1/4 inches when the lid is up
Depth47-1/16 inches (1,195mm)
Weight438 pounds and 12ounces (199kg.)
Sound System 
Speakers(16cm + 13cm + 2.5cm) x 4
Amplifiers80W x2 + 45W x4 + 35W x5 + 25W x4
Spatial speaker systemYes
Soundboard resonatorYes
Acoustic optimizerYes
Tone Generation 
Piano SoundSpatial Acoustic Sampling
Binaural SamplingYes (CFX Grand Voice only)
Smooth ReleaseYes
Key-off SamplesYes
Preset (number of voices)10
Polyphony256 notes max.
Preset (number of preset songs)Ten preset songs and ten voice demo songs
Number of Songs10
Number of Tracks1
Data Capacity550 KB per Song (approx.)
Stereophonic OptimizerYes
Intelligent Acoustic ControlYes
Overall Control 
Tuning414.8 Hz – 440.0 Hz – 466.8 Hz
Tempo Range5 – 500
Scale TypeSeven types
Transpose-6 – 0 – +6
HeadphonesStandard stereo phone jack (x 2)
USB to HostYes
USB to deviceYes
Aux InStereo Mini
Aux out[L/L+R] [R] (Standard stereo phone jack, unbalanced)
Output[L] [R] (XLR jack, balanced)
Power Supply 
Auto Power-OffYes
Key CoverSoft-Close Fallboard
Music RestYes
Color and FinishPolished ebony
Polished finish
FunctionsDamper (with half-pedal effect)
Sensor/DriverHammer Sensors: Non-contact optical fiber
 Key Sensors: Non-contact optical fiber

Conclusion: Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Piano

The Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Hybrid piano is a remarkable instrument because it employs the most fantastic breakthrough technology used in the piano industry. As a hybrid piano, it combines concert grand pianos’ digitally sampled sound quality and their actual keyboard actions with the most modern types of speakers and amplifiers.

With this hybrid piano, you have at your fingertips the two most famous grand pianos in the world – the Bosendorfer Imperial and the Yamaha CFX concert grand. What’s even more impressive is that its body and cabinet use a modern and space-saving design. By considering its many features, this hybrid piano is worth considering.