Yamaha Grand Pianos [Specs and Review] 

When it comes to grand pianos, Yamaha is a name that is hard to match. From exquisite craftsmanship to premium sound, their instruments can deliver a plethora of benefits. In this Yamaha grand pianos review, I will walk you through some of the company’s best models to help you decide which piano is the right choice for you. 

Yamaha grand pianos are not only sonically rich, but they are also emotionally affecting. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technology and combines it with an iconic heritage. Their grand pianos are made by skilled craftsmen using the best materials. They are available in three main categories – baby, classic, and concert.

Read on to learn more about Yamaha Grand Pianos, specifically some of their most notable models, including their impressive features. 

About the Yamaha Grand Pianos 

Yamaha Grand Pianos

Passion in every detail – that is what you can expect from Yamaha’s diverse selection of grand pianos. The company is known for its time-honored craftsmanship. Even with the advent of new technologies, a big part of the Yamaha pianos emphasizes tradition. In turn, it allows them to create musical instruments that highlight accuracy and precision. 

Each Yamaha piano is a product of art and science. The company assembles the piano in their Kakegawa factory in Japan. They use natural materials, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deliver unmatched quality. Master technicians are meticulously working to ensure that every piano is perfect. 

Three Main Categories

When choosing the best Yamaha grand piano, one of the most important is to know that they are available in three main categories: 

  1. Baby: These are pianos that are under 6’, which are perfect for beginners or those with a small space to spare.
  2. Classic: For intermediate users, the Classic is the best option, which ranges from 6’ to 7’. 
  3. Concert: If you are an expert pianist and if budget is not an issue, this series is for you. It has pianos that are over 7’. 

The Best Yamaha Grand Pianos 

Are you looking for a Yamaha grand piano to buy? This section will list down some of the top options that are worth considering. To help you decide, I will also list down some of their features:

1. GB1K/GC Series 

It is the perfect choice if you are looking for an entry-level grand piano. It is considered baby piano by the company’s standards, but that does not mean dismal performance. From conservatory dynamics to expressive tones, you can be confident that this is an excellent addition to your list of options for grand pianos. 


Like the other Yamaha grand pianos, it has a wealth of impressive features. Below are some of the things that might make it your favorite instrument: 

  • Room-Filling Resonance: When you first see the baby grand pianos from Yamaha, you might think that they are small. Nonetheless, while they are indeed compact, as you start playing, you will realize that it is big in terms of its performance. 
  • Distinct Hammer Felt: Made in Japan, the hammer felt in this grand piano is like what you will find in the others in this review. It withstands humidity and temperature fluctuations, assuring the best performance regardless of the external environment. 
  • Robust Back Post: A common feature that you will find in the conservatory series of Yamaha pianos, it has a strong back post. The latter is also responsible for creating a powerful resonance. Plus, it acts as the skeleton of the piano to guarantee tuning stability. 


 Dimensions Weight Music Desk Positions Lip Prop Positions 
GB1K 151 x 146 x 99cm 574 pounds 52
GC1161 x 149 x 101cm 627 pounds 52
GC2 173 x 149 x 101cm 674 pounds 53

2. CX Series 

yamaha grand piano models

Known as history’s most recorded piano, this is one of the top options worth considering. It is a legendary instrument with a clear sound and attack. More so, it has a bold design and a refined tone.

It has an elegant and flowing form, which is sure to captivate attention in an instant. Nonetheless, there’s more than what meets the eyes as it also packs unparalleled innovations. 


Here is a quick rundown of some of the best features of the piano that belongs to the CX Series: 

  • Thick Back Frame: It is the part that acts as the skeleton of the piano, providing the support that it needs. This is also responsible for the instrument’s deep reverberation, resulting in a more powerful sound. 
  • New Music Wire: Compared to the old pianos from Yamaha, it sports a new music wire, which affects the timbre of the music and its overall quality. This is also the one that makes the sound harmonic and rich. 
  • Advanced V-Pro Frame: Yamaha takes pride in being the first manufacturer to use an innovative technique known as Vacuum Shield Mold. This casting technology creates a strong, lightweight, and durable frame. 


 Dimensions Weight Frame Back Posts Caster Hammer 
C1X 149 x 101 x 161cm 638 pounds V-Pro 3SingleCX Series Special 
C2X149 x 101 x 173cm 671 pounds V-Pro 4Single CX Series Special 
C3X 149 x 101 x 186cm 704 pounds V-Pro 4Single CX Series Special 
C5X149 x 101 x 200cm 770 pounds V-Pro 4Single CX Series Special 
C6X154 x 102 x 212cm 893 pounds V-Pro 4Double CX Series Special 
C7X155 x 102 x 227cm 913 pounds V-Pro 4Double CX Series Special 

Again, what does the Yamaha Grand Pianos offer? The Yamaha grand pianos were created using state-of-the-art technology blended with an iconic heritage. The craftsmen use the best materials available. So, expect sonically rich sounds coming from these pianos. Lastly, they are available in three categories – baby, classic, and concert.

3. SX Series 

yamaha grand piano prices

If you want a grand series piano but have a small space to spare, this is an excellent choice. It has a top-notch quality without the requirement of a large room. Despite being an intimate concert grand, it does not fall short in terms of its performance. It does pretty well, which is comparable to the sound of its larger competitors. 


Looking for more reasons to be convinced that this is the right choice for you? Below, we’ll look at some of its top features: 

  • Hand-crafted Spruce Soundboard: Made of European spruce, one of the best parts of this grand piano is the soundboard. It has the same DNA as what you will find in the popular CFX series. 
  • Exclusive Hammer Felt: The design of the hammer is one more thing that we would like to emphasize. It is the result of countless prototypes. Among others, one of its strongest suits is its superb elasticity. The latter is responsible for its beautiful and clear tonal colors.
  • Hand-Wound Bass Strings: Like with other exceptional grand pianos from Yamaha, the bass strings are hand-wound by expert craftsmen. It is reflective of the attention even to the smallest details. Meaning, the strings will deliver great harmony. 


 Dimensions Weight Frame Caster Hammer 
S3X 149 x 101 x 186cm728 pounds V-ProDouble SX Series Special 
S5X149 x 101 x 200cm772 pounds V-ProDouble SX Series Special 
S6X154 x 102 x 212cm 859 pounds V-ProDouble SX Series Special 
S7X 155 x 102 x 227cm 904 pounds V-ProDouble SX Series Special 

4. CF Series 

A part of the concert series, this is a product of extensive research and development. According to the manufacturer, they spent two decades developing the piano. It was handcrafted by elite artisans using high-quality materials to meet the demands of the most discerning buyers.

You have endless reasons to choose this over other grand pianos, from its dynamic range to its tonal richness. 


Being the most advanced and intricate of all the pianos in this guide, below are some of the most notable features that you will find in the CF Series:

  • Uses the Finest Wood: One of the best things about this grand piano is that it uses the top 1% wood around the world. As a result, you can expect unrivaled quality. From the inherent resonance to the well-rounded sound, the wood used in this piano is commendable. 
  • Metal Frame: The construction is also exceptional because of the tough metal frame, which serves as the skeleton of the piano. It improves the tonal character while also delivering superior strength. 
  • Ivorite White Keys: The keys are designed to excite professional users. They are not only beautiful, but they are also easy to play. However, the best thing is that it mimics the look and feel of natural ivory. 


 Dimensions Weight Pedal Type Prop Positions Number of Keys 
CF4151 x 102 x 191cm807 pounds Sostenuto 388
CF6 154 x 102 x 212cm 902 pounds Sostenuto 288
CFX 160 x 103 x 275cm 1,082 pounds Sostenuto 388

Conclusion: Yamaha Grand Pianos 

Even for the most discriminating pianists, the Yamaha grand pianos are sure to deliver the highest level of satisfaction. You can choose from three main categories – Baby, Classic, and Concert. If you are new to pianos, the Baby series is a perfect choice, also the most affordable. For seasoned players, on the other hand, the Concert series is perfect. 

Regardless of the series or model you choose, the Yamaha grand pianos are handcrafted by artisans using the finest materials available. It combines both form and function, making sure of the best sound quality. Whether you are a novice or an expert, these pianos will not fail to impress. 

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