Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone Specs and Review 

Thinking of learning how to play a musical instrument? While the possibilities are endless, a saxophone is one worth considering. Clueless about what to pick? In this Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone review, I will walk you through some of its features to decide if it is the right saxophone for you. 

The Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone is a great option for novices and intermediate players. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal even for students. The instrument has a yellow brass body that stands out because of its lacquer finish. Your purchase of this saxophone includes multiple accessories, including a carrying case, Rico reeds, and a cleaning cloth. 

Read on to learn more about the Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone, including its pros and cons.

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About the Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone

Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone

Solid Products at Reasonable Price

If you’re looking for the best wind instruments, Jean Paul is one brand you should not miss. The latter is known for making solid products at reasonable prices. They believe that everyone must be able to play music. With such, they are committed to making instruments that are accessible to most people. 

Jean Paul’s Story Started in 1994

The story of Jean Paul started in 1994. Initially, they were a small family business distributing musical instruments from some of the best global brands, such as Yamaha. Eventually, however, they realized that these instruments were expensive, so they started making them in 2012. 

Balance Between Cost and Quality

Jean Paul found the perfect balance between cost and quality. They were able to compete on price by outsourcing their production in China. They also had direct online selling platforms, allowing them to cut the middlemen. 

Jean Paul Offers Wide Selection of Wind Instruments

While Jean Paul has a wide selection of wind instruments, in this review, my focus is on the AS-400. This alto saxophone targets students and intermediate users. It’s not the cheapest option available, but the price is justifiable if you consider its features. It is a great alternative to more expensive name brands.

Main Features and Specs of the Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone

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To deliver the best playing experience and incredible sound, the Jean Paul AS-400 packs a plethora of innovative features:

1. Yellow Brass Body 

Brass is one of the common materials used in saxophones, especially in entry-level models. Yellow brass has 50 to 70% copper, which is also responsible for providing bright timber. Higher-end models, however, will have gold brass. It also contains zinc, which adds malleability to the material. 

2. Golden Brass Lacquer Finish 

To make it even more beautiful, the saxophone has a lacquer finish. This adds more golden color to the saxophone. It also acts as a protective layer, which will minimize the possibility of scratches and other superficial damages. Nonetheless, since it is a low-end product, it can be easily susceptible to problems. So, make sure to handle it properly. 

3. Adjustable Thumb Rest 

If you want versatility, then this saxophone is a great pick. With the adjustable thumb rest, you can customize the latter’s orientation depending on what you are most comfortable with. When your thumb is more comfortable, it is easier to play the instrument. 

4. Rico Reeds 

Aside from the saxophone, you will also receive Rico reeds as a part of the package. They have an unfiled cut, which is beneficial in improving support. More so, they are designed to be easy to use, even for novices. Additionally, it has a thin profile, making the reed more responsive. 

5. Versatile Carrying Case 

Your purchase comes with a sturdy carrying case. It protects the saxophone from dust and dirt, among other elements that can result in premature wear. At the same time, it also improves portability. Even better, you can use the case as a backpack or shoulder bag, depending on what you are more comfortable with. 

6. 30-day Return Policy

With the satisfaction guarantee that the company offers, you will enjoy a sort of free trial. When you receive the saxophone, you have 30 days to try it out. If you’re unhappy for any reason, let the manufacturer know. They will give you a prepaid shipping label, so sending it back is free. In turn, you’ll receive an unconditional refund.

7. One-year Warranty 

Aside from the money-back guarantee, the company is also offering a one-year warranty. It shows how confident they are of the overall quality of the saxophone. However, this policy applies only to the owner. More so, the original warranty is only 90 days, but you can extend it to a year by registering the product upon purchase.

Again, what does the Jean Paul AS-400 alto saxophone offer? A great option for beginner and intermediate sax players, the Jean Paul AS-400 alto saxophone is lightweight and easy to use. You also get an instrument with a yellow brass body, lacquer finish, multiple accessories, Rico reeds, and a cleaning cloth.

Jean Paul AS-400 Specs 

Aside from the features above, here are some of the technical details that you should know about this alto saxophone: 

  • Key: Eb 
  • Auxiliary Keys: F#
  • Sound Profile: Bright
  • Thumb Rest: Adjustable 
  • Springs: Blue stainless steel 
  • Buttons: Mother of pearl 
  • Weight: 5 pounds 

Pros and Cons of the Jean Paul AS-400 Saxophone

jean paul usa as-400 student alto saxophone

Is this the right saxophone for you? I will help you answer that question by discussing the good and the bad in the Jean Paul AS-400 saxophone. 

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Pros of the Jean Paul AS-400 

Need more compelling reasons to choose this saxophone? Below, I will talk about some of its most notable benefits:

1. A Great Option for Students 

The best reason to choose this saxophone is its user-friendly design. With its simplicity, it will be a great option even for novices. Even if it’s your first time playing saxophone, you will love this product. 

2. Excellent Quality Control 

Jean Paul takes pride in its stringent quality control, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best products. They have a team of expert technicians who inspect the saxophone before market release. With their attention even to the smallest detail, you can expect minimal problems. They immediately pull out anything that goes below their high standards. 

3. Lightweight and Comfortable 

If you have played a sax before, you will know how its weight can be a burden. Thankfully, this product has a lightweight body, which makes it comfortable. Even when playing for a long time, the weight will not be an issue. This way, you can concentrate more on playing instead of instrument handling. 

4. Comes with Multiple Accessories 

You can enjoy the best bang for the buck as it comes with multiple accessories, including the following: 

  • Carrying case 
  • Mouthpiece 
  • Rico reed
  • Cleaning cloth 
  • Gloves 
  • Cork grease
  • Swabs 

Cons of the Jean Paul AS-400 

Despite the good things, this saxophone has some drawbacks, including those I will list below:

1. Not for People on a Budget 

While the saxophone is for students, a lot will find it quite expensive. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives if you are on a budget. Nonetheless, the high price is justifiable. It has top-notch features that make it worth every dollar. 

2. Sticky Pads 

Another potential issue that you can experience in this saxophone is the sticky pads. As a result, they might lack responsiveness as they are prone to be stuck. If you experience this problem, replacing the pads is the quickest fix. 

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Jean Paul AS-400 Saxophone 

jean paul usa as-400 student alto saxophone review

Maintain the saxophone’s peak performance through the years. Below are some of the best things to do to keep its best condition:

1. Brush Your Teeth Before Playing the Saxophone

Brush your teeth before playing the saxophone. It is a simple but effective tip in prolonging the functional life of the mouthpiece. Otherwise, the sugar in your saliva will accumulate, forming a sticky and nasty solution.

2. Lubricate Moving Parts with Oil

Lubricate the moving parts with oil or grease. The latter will ensure smooth movements and responsiveness. Clean the keys before oiling to get rid of dirt and debris stuck on the surface. 

3. Hold the Saxophone By the Bell

When holding the saxophone, do so by the bell. It might seem basic, but this is a common mistake that many beginners commit. The bell is the sturdiest part so that it can withstand pressure. If you hold it by the keys and rods, you are risking irreversible damage. 

4. Wipe the Exterior as Often as Possible

Wipe the exterior as often as possible. The AS-400 comes with a cleaning cloth, which you can use to remove dirt on the surface. It is soft so that it won’t scratch the body. It is also good to finish with a polish, which will keep the sax looking good. 

5. Let the Instrument Dry After Playing or Cleaning

Do not immediately store the saxophone in the case after playing or cleaning. Let the instrument dry. It can still have moisture, which can encourage the growth of bacteria and speed up wear. 

6. Store the Saxophone Properly

Store the saxophone properly. Keep it on the case and store it in an upright position. Keep it away from heat, moisture, and other external elements that can speed up the damage. See to it that there are no hard objects on the top. 

Conclusion – Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone

If you are looking for your first saxophone, the AS-400 is one of the top options to consider. It is Jean Paul’s most popular model. With its user-friendly design, learning how to play a wind instrument is easier. Not to mention, it is also lightweight and comfortable, so you can concentrate on playing. 

There are plenty of good reasons to choose this instrument. For instance, it comes with several accessories, including a carrying case and reeds. To add, it has been through stringent quality control. Plus, it has a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Nonetheless, there are also some problems, such as the sticky pads.