Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano Specs and Review

Yamaha offers high-quality portable pianos, and the P-515 model is one of the best, if not the best. In this Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano review, I’ll list all of the specs and features so you can decide if it is the right piano for you.

The Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano is the flagship model of Yamaha’s P Series. It successfully recreates the authentic sound and feel of the acoustic piano. Both amateurs and professionals consider the P-515 as one of the best digital pianos available worldwide.

Read on to learn more about the Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano, including its key specs and features.

About Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano

Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano

The Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano is known as the flagship model of Yamaha’s P Series. It successfully recreates the genuine sound and feel of the acoustic piano. Both amateurs and professionals consider it as one of the best digital pianos available worldwide.

One of the best things about the P-515 is its best-sampled acoustics. They are a combination of the Bosendorfer Imperial and the CFX concert grand pianos. It also features a 16-track MIDI recorder that allows pianists to produce beautiful melodies directly on the piano. In essence, the P-515 is also an ideal piano for music composers and lyricists.

Yamaha P-515 Portable Piano General Features

The Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano has features that are distinct from other Yamaha Portables. But it also has features that come standard to all portable Yamaha digital pianos. These include the following:

  1. Powerful Tone
  2. Recreation of the Yamaha Acoustic Piano Keys
  3. Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  4. Small Size and Sleek Design
  5. Matching Furniture Stand
  6. Dual Voice Mode
  7. Connect to Mobile Devices

Let’s briefly discuss these general features.

1. Powerful Tone

The sound of the Yamaha digital pianos is produced by sampling the flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand piano. Built-in Yamaha speakers are also integrated, which are the same as those used in clubs and stadiums.

2. Recreation of the Yamaha Acoustic Piano Keys

The Yamaha Portables feature weighted keys. They reproduce the responsive and controlled action made by a Yamaha acoustic piano.

These Portables feature synthetic ebony and ivory keytops. They have a natural feel that allows pianists of all levels to feel comfortable as they play.

3. Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)

The Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Technology of Yamaha reproduces the resonance of the soundboard, frame, and rim. This then effectively mimics the natural feeling of playing an authentic acoustic piano. You can achieve this even with the headphones on.

4. Small Size and Sleek Design

These portable digital pianos are small, and they all have sleek designs. This way, even if you only have limited space, you are assured that your Yamaha Portable will fit and will not get in the way.

In essence, you can bring your Yamaha portable digital piano anywhere you want to play it.

5. Matching Furniture Stand

Every portable Yamaha digital piano comes with a matching furniture stand. That way, you can keep your piano in the living room, the den, the bedroom, or just about anywhere in the house. It will seem like it’s all part of your interior decoration.

6. Dual Voice Mode

These Yamaha digital pianos have a Dual Voice feature. It allows you to impressively play two Voices simultaneously, such as French horn and cello, bass and guitar, or piano and strings.

7. Connect to Mobile Devices

Using the Smart Pianist and Digital Piano Controller mobile apps will help you adjust your piano performances. You can choose settings, or you can select Voices. 

You can connect your Yamaha piano to your computer or mobile device. That way, you can do more than merely playing the piano.

P-515 Yamaha Digital Piano Features

yamaha p515 digital piano review

Let’s now talk about the features of the P-515 Yamaha Digital Piano:

XG Compatible

The P-515 is XG compatible; it has a full dot LCD and features a half-damper pedal control. It has a smooth release and key-off samples. The keyboard is natural wood with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops and escapement.

Virtual Resonance Modeling (WRM) and More

Other features include the Virtual Resonance Modeling and the Personalised Piano Room technology. It also features the binaural sampling technology and the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial Piano Samples.

More Than 500 Voices

The Yamaha P-515 Portable Piano features more than 500 voices. This wide array of sound selections will successfully allow you to produce and perform music in any genre.

Flawless Keyboards

Yamaha also makes use of cutting-edge digital technology to create flawless keyboards. This is why that authentic piano playing experience can only be ultimately achieved with a Yamaha:

P-515 Yamaha Digital Piano Features

P-515XG compatibility
Full Dot LCD Display (Size: 128 x 64 dots)
Half-Damper Pedal Control
Smooth Release
Key-off Samples
NWX (Natural Wood X) Keyboard with Synthetic
Ebony and Ivory Key Tops & Escapement
Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
Personalized Piano Room
Binaural Sampling
Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Piano Samples

Again, what does the Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano offer? The P-515 is Yamaha’s flagship model in their P Series. It features the recreation of the authentic sound and feel of an acoustic piano. Plus, both amateur and professional pianists consider Yamaha P-515 as the best digital piano worldwide.

P-515 Portable Yamaha Digital Piano’s Appearance

Eye-catching Instrument

Aside from the authentic sound that the P-515 Yamaha piano produces, you will also love its appearance. The P-515 Yamaha digital piano is an eye-catching instrument. It can also amazingly give a room a more exciting look.

It’s hard not to notice how stylish, modern, and elegant this digital piano looks. It indeed becomes a focal point in anybody’s living room, den, or home studio.

Wooden Accents and Polished Details

You will fall in love with its wooden accents and polished details. It is guaranteed to add class not just to your space but also to your musical life.

Available in White and Black

The P-515 is available in either white or black color. It features a footswitch, and you also have the option to get the three-pedal unit. In most cases, professional pianists prefer the unit with three pedals. That way, they can sustain the notes, do sostenuto, or soft play. Also, the pedal unit features an anti-slip bottom to maintain a good leg reach.

This digital piano features an LCD and has more than 20 keys with varying commands and functions. The P-515 may seem small for a piano, but it’s packed with heavy-duty functions.

P-515 Portable Yamaha Digital Piano Sound Quality

yamaha p515 digital piano black

Packed with More than 500 Sounds

This P-515 digital piano from Yamaha is equipped with more than 500 high-quality sounds recorded from the Yamaha Bosendorfer Imperial, the Yamaha CFX, and other Yamaha hybrid pianos. This feature will enable you to diversify your skills in playing the piano effectively. You will surely be able to learn how to play music from different genres.

9 Acoustic Sounds

The P-515 consists of nine acoustic piano sounds that vary from each other. It also features seven electric piano sounds and flute, saxophone, drum, and guitar. Different featured sounds are those of the vibraphone, choir, and strings.

Choose from Several Reverberations

There are also several types of reverberation to choose from. Pianists have the freedom to use the recital hall mode or the concert hall mode. Other reverb types include the plate, club, cathedral, and chamber.

Access Over 450 Instrument Sounds

You will also find buttons on the P-515 that will allow you to access over 450 instrument sounds and sound effects. It’s amazing how the P-515 can produce all these sounds when it only has 88 keys.

Allows to Produce High-quality Sounds

Yamaha’s VRM technology allows the P-515 to produce high-quality sounds and very realistic tones. This piano also features a sound boost technology wherein pianists can turn the volume up without losing speaker quality.

With the P-515, pianists will surely feel the freedom they need to perform their music preference. The P-515 will bring out the best in them to even come up with a magical concert.

Yamaha P-515 Piano Play Modes

The Yamaha P-515 piano features several play modes. Similar to other Yamaha Portables, the P-515 is also capable of producing two sounds simultaneously. You also have the option to play the sounds either blended or layered across the keyboard.

Split Mode

The P-515 has a Split Mode. With this feature, you don’t only get to split the keyboard to perform two sounds. But you also get to choose the split point or the specific key that will split the keyboard sound.

Duo Mode

This Yamaha portable digital piano also features a Duo Mode. With this feature, the keyboard can be divided into two portions so that two pianists can play side by side simultaneously. This mode allows pianists to play two different instruments simultaneously.

Yamaha Digital Piano P-515 Other Features

The Yamaha Digital Piano P-515 has the following features too:

  1. Metronome
  2. Transpore
  3. Tuning

1. Metronome

The Metronome allows pianists to practice at different speeds as these speeds can be adjusted. 

2. Transpose

As for the Transpose feature, it allows pianists to play the keys at half steps. This can be done with semitone increments starting from -12 to +12.

3. Tuning

In terms of the Tuning feature, the P-515 features six temperaments aside from the default tone. It starts from pure major up to Kirnberger.

Conclusion – Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano

The Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano is known as the flagship model of Yamaha’s P Series. It successfully recreates the genuine sound and feel of the acoustic piano. Both amateurs and professionals consider it as one of the best digital pianos available worldwide.

If there’s any downside to the P-515, it can be the fact that it might not be too ideal for little children. They might find playing the keyboard a little bit tiring because it is somewhat heavy and effort-intensive. However, it also all depends on the capability of the child.

But aside from that, everything else about the Yamaha P-515 digital piano is perfect. From its stylish and elegant appearance up to its capability to produce beautiful and magical sounds, there’s no reason not to love the Yamaha P-515 Digital Piano.

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